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The equestrian world is made up of a large variety of horse owners.  North County Equestrian Center is built with the needs of all in mind - keeping the focus on the safety and well-being of each horse in the forefront of our concern.  With experienced on-site management, a wellness and gate check is done after each feeding, multiple times through out the day, as well as at the end of business hours.  It is our belief that many health and safety issues can be avoided with a watchful eye that is supported with knowledge and experience.  

Understanding that all horse owners have personal opinions regarding what would be best for their horse, North County Equestrian Center has tried to offer a variety of stabling choices.


At the present time there are 2 large arenas (1 with lights) and 3 round pens (1 with lights).  We have plans to add lights to additional arenas as well as a completely covered Veterinarian and Farrier area.


We are located in the hub of the City of Poway maintained trail system.  From North County Equestrian Center you can enjoy a safe ride to Poway Lake where there are facilities to tie your horse up and enjoy a picnic.  For the more adventuresome rider there are trails that take you to the Sycamore Canyon Preserve and beyond.  Thanks to the City of Poway, crossing at an intersection is made safer by the crosswalk buttons placed at equestrian height as well as enlarged waiting areas. 

For the Horse Show Enthusiast:

Being located directly across the street from the Poway Valley Riders arena it is very convenient for you to compete in a variety of shows.  Whether it is for fun or training, or competing for year end awards - there is something for everyone with out the need to trailer your horse.

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