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A Little About Us

As family, we have spent several years traveling the United States following our passion of showing Cutting Horses and Reined Cow Horses.  After achieving many Affiliate, Regional and National Titles with both the National Cutting Horse Association and the National Reined Cow Horse Association, along with a combined earnings total of over $250K, we decided to take time off from the intense effort and dedication it takes to be successful in the competitive horse world so that we can watch our family grow.

The experiences and memories that we gained while being active at a high level of competition will always be appreciated and utilized in our day to day endeavors.  In order to attain the success that we were fortunate to experience,  it was imperative that our equine counterparts were healthy in both mind and body.  Working side by side with some of the nations top veterinarians and trainers that shared their vast personal knowledge and experience - we were able to keep our horses in top condition.  As equine facility owners, we feel the experience and knowledge that we've gained is extremely important when it comes to being able to spot an area that might be of concern to the private horse owner.  Knowing when a horse is showing subtle signs of a changed behavior has often led to avoiding a larger problem.  Understanding those signs allow us to alert the owners that their horse could possibly be needing their personal attention.  Being familiar with the basic personality and behavior of each individual horse is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy horse.  Since the horses are checked many times throughout each day - we come to know what is normal for each individual horse.  That is the kind of knowledge that makes for a safe and successful facility.

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