Boarding Options

At North County Equestrian Center, we realize that each owner has their own personal preference for the type of house that their horse would do best in.  We have a large variety of accommodations built to meet the different needs of individual horses.


From the economical 24' x 24' pipe corral with a cover - all the way up to the Premier Condo that is a 36' x 48' pipe corral that has a 12' x 12' box stall, we have something for everyone. 



24' x 24' pipe corral     $295

24' x 48' pipe corral     $315

12' x 24' fully covered mare motel with stall mats    $395

24' x 48' pipe corral with full width cover and  2 solid walls     $395

12' x 12' stall with a 24' x 36' pipe corral     $475

12' x 12' stall with a 36' x 48' pipe corral     $550



We also offer:

"Stand Alones" - no common panels with other horses

8' x 8' tack sheds

Horse Trailer Parking

Blanketing and Fly Mask Service

Turn-outs or Lunging

Supplementing and Fly Spray Service - owner supplied

Horse Handling for Veterinary or Farrier Services